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Here are the 25 27 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Publish a memoir
  2. Take Dee anywhere in the world she wants to go
  3. Learn how to play the banjo
  4. Go back to Granada for a month and retrace all the places I haunted when I lived there
  5. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with pack animals
  6. Go to the Lightening Field
  7. Do an all-day silent retreat
  8. Learn (really learn) how to play poker
  9. Carve and paint a bulto
  10. Take a full-moon walk along the river with Jim and girls
  11. Paint the walls of my home with faded pigments that remind me of pomegranates, quince, and violet morning glories
  12. Create a compound where I love to be always and where people visit but don’t want to leave
  13. Tell my father’s story
  14. Renew my vows with Jim
  15. Build an horno or maybe a private chapel
  16. Baptise my daughters
  17. Take Em anywhere in the world she wants to go
  18. Learn calligraphy
  19. Stop worrying about how I look
  20. Make a mosaic of a saint
  21. Be accepted into and show at the Spanish Market
  22. Become proficient with internet technology and tools
  23. Really learn how to use a digital camera
  24. Be absolutely secure when I call myself a writer
  25. Stop worrying about what others think of me
  26. Know in my heart who my favorite authors are and read all his/her/their works
  27. Mine from my sisters everything they know about me and my life


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