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Here’s what I’m going to do to make my intention real:

  1. Be myself. If I want to say something, don’t censor myself (unless what I say is mal-intended or harmful to someone else)
  2. Notice when I am myself. Reflect back on my day. Not every day, but make a point to reflect as much as possible and to positively acknowledge when I’ve broken through the confines I place on me.
  3. Wear my hair how I want. Straight if I want straight. Curly if curly. Don’t worry about having straight hair around people who normally see me curly and vice versa. Don’t let my hair be the great segregator of my life.
  4. Talk to someone each day who I otherwise would not have talked to, even if it’s a person riding next to me in the elevator.
  5. Laugh often and open-mouthed.
  6. Don’t keep secrets. Be the same open person to everyone I trust and love.
  7. Understand this isn’t something I achieve like a Girl Scout badge. It’s more like sitting practice. It’s there in one moment, gone the next. Be present to the moment and chances are I’ll stop fretting.

-from Topic post, Do Or Die Triangle

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14 – the number I wore on my back when I was a field hockey halfback at Red Land High. Ancient history. The days of our home hockey games, I wore a red plaid kilt to classes with a bright white, short sleeved shirt, dingy white T-shirt underneath with navy ribbing around the neck and sleeves, and #14 in 10″ red block lettering on my back.

12 – my basketball number because #14 was already taken by an upper classman. Back then women’s basketball was played differently than men’s and 2 of the players could sometimes not go out of the key or past the ½ court line. Do I hear full court press?

50 – the number of pages in Cat-e-gory, 50 drawings by Edward Gorey, all illustrating a number. Liz got the book for Christmas from her Mother; the original was released in 1974.

3 – the number of cats I live with every day, 2 boys, 1 girl – Kiev, Mr. Stripeypants, Chaco (for the canyon)

52 – the number of birthdays I’ve celebrated

5 – the number of twists in a candy cane, big vats of syrupy sticky goo, pale yellow, then mixed with giant blades, air bubbles turning the stew candy clean white. The first candy canes were ALL white. The red stripes were added later. Come on Baby, let’s do the twist. Roll, roll, roll.

12 – months in a year

4.2 – weeks in a month

2080  – hours in a year

26 –  letters in the English alphabet, derived from Latin

13 –  cookies in the bakers dozen I bought from Sarah Jane’s Bakery for Christmas: Snickerdoodles, date stuffed, sugar, and peppermint twists.

1,000,000 – the number of $$$ I want to make this year

24 – the number of Sharpies in the variety pack I got from Liz for Christmas

8 – the number of plants in our living room. Green – the color of Liz’s thumb.

4 – the number of Beatles, the number of corners in the Southwest, the number of seasons (and once it was the number of years since I’d had sex)

2 – the number of eggs the female Sandhill Crane lays on a mound of vegetation. Cranes mate for life; 2 parents feed the young colts. The Sandhill Crane does not breed until it is 2 to 7 years old. It can live up to 25 years in the wild; in captivity they have been known to live more than 2wice that span. Mated pairs stay together year round, and migrate south in groups with their offspring. Nearly 450,000 a season migrate through the Platte River area of Nebraska.



WordNetCite This Source



a large number [syn: numerousness

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of LawCite This Source

Main Entry: nu·mer·os·i·ty
“nü-m&-‘rä-s&-tE, “nyü-
Function: noun
: the requirement that members of a proposed class formed for a class action be so numerous as to make joinder of the members impracticable

Webster’s Revised Unabridged DictionaryCite This Source

 Numerosity \Nu`mer*os”i*ty\, n. [L. numerositas.] 1. The state of being numerous; numerousness. [Obs.]
2. Rhythm; harmony; flow. [Obs.]
The numerosity of the sentence pleased the ear. –S. Parr.


NUMB3RS – a CBS program that airs Fridays at 9pm CST and I’ve secretly watched and coveted for quite a while. My favorite character is Charlie Eppes, played by David Krumholtz, a genius professor of mathematics at a Southern California technical university, who uses math to help his brother Don solve perplexing crimes for the FBI. I heard in a People-type TV rag that he’s become a new cult figure of mathematicians and geeks – he has made math cool again. An actor, not a mathematician, he’s become kind of like the fake Einstein of his time. He’s been invited to come and speak at math conventions across the country. NUMB3RS also sponsors a program designed to help kids love math – We All Use Math Every Day. 


Math is not my strong suit. But I have come to appreciate and embrace the structure of numbers and the way they seem to easily record the methodology behind day to day activities or show logic in its best light. I love the symbols, the essence of the numbers themselves. But I’m too hopelessly romantic to love math. 

Except for the mystical ideas of Quantum Physics (let’s hear it for details), general relativity (or maybe you like big picture), and (hey, what’s the connection?) string theory.

Or the trigrams and hexagrams of the ancient I Ching.


Trigram Figure

Binary Value






||| (☰)


Force (ä¹¾ qián)

heaven (天)




||¦ (☱)


Open (å…Œ duì)

swamp (澤)




|¦| (☲)


Radiance (離 )

fire (火)




|¦¦ (☳)


Shake (震 zhèn)

thunder (é›·)




¦|| (☴)


Ground (å·½ xùn)

wind (風)




¦|¦ (☵)


Gorge (坎 kǎn)

water (æ°´)




¦¦| (☶)


Bound (艮 gèn)

mountain (å±±)




¦¦¦ (☷)


Field (坤 kun)

earth (地)



Or the Zodiacal birth and solar return maps of Astrology which, for most medieval scholars, were often connected to the Divine. Check out the Zodiac painted in a 6th century synagogue at Beit Alpha, Israel.Zodiac in a 6th century synagogue at Beit Alpha, Israel. Photo public domain.

No, I’m not a big numbers gal. And I’m suspicious of rock solid solutions to the myriad of problems life can throw at us. But if you leave that little gateway of uncertainty in the equation, I can get into the A, B, C’s of NUMB3RS.

Solar return natal chart - public domainSnap, Crackle, Pop, 12 Noon. It’s exactly time to eat my 1 course lunch, take my 6 vitamins, and go shovel the 3 inches of crusty snow off the 100 foot driveway on the 15th block of the million avenues in 1 of 50 states in north Somewhere, USA.

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