Archive for December 20th, 2006

flat substitute snow
in cracks outside dave’s window
falls behind fake panes

caw of the raven
vibrates lower than the crow
on the bare oak branch

winter solstice sits
snowless on grassy great plains
degrees from freezing

lynx & snowshoe hare
dance the 7 year tango
starving for substance

holidazzlers walk
down bone dry hennepin ave
lights bounce off bare glass

watching sun set west
i long to shovel the drive
in deep december

squirrels skip on the rail
under black millet feeders
suet melts beige gray

freezing weather hides
behind hard global warming
no one gives a wit

standing in the sun
ghosts of mabel dodge luhan
stare at Taos Mountain

afraid of shadows
growing under starry ice
the magpie flies east

hardcore treehugger
yells minnesota winter
dies a long slow death

the mountains cry out
build your home in desert grass
above the snowline

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

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