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Shatter, the word I heard today when one of the founding partners was talking about pottery and porcelain.

Shatter. I think of destruction. I think of Shiva.

Shiva is the Destroyer. It is said that when the Day of Brahma comes to an end, we will hear the swish of Shiva’s feet across the sky. As he dances, the whole creation, universes upon universes, will contract back into itself. (Jaya Shiva Shankara/Vroom Vroom/Hare hare vroom vroom)

The assignment: Break something. An old jar, a piece of uncooked lasagna noodle. If you cannot bring yourself to the shattering, rip a piece of paper, a faded t-shirt. There should be sound, and the more that the resultant smithereens manifest a far different state than the original object, the better.

Do not go overboard. Do not break something that belongs to someone else.

Write. Break grammar, break syntax, break form. Write from brokenness. Write about destruction, broken hearts, broken dreams, broken bone

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