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Very mouselike, me, sitting in my cubicle at work.
I choose to break in this space
but timid and all
I place a package of Saltines
on the floor and with the heel of my boot
I stomp.
There is a crackling, not quite a crunch.
If I hold the package by a corner and jiggle I can hear a
crumbs against plastic.
But even so
there is something tame about smashing crackers.
I want to break out
break free
of corporate hell hole
my cubicle
Where has work taken me?
On a train from Agra to New Delhi
India, 2006
Second-class section in a cabin with five other people
We stop to pack on more passengers
They fill every nook
Stand in the aisle so it feels like we are all suffocatingsweatingshittingpuking
Only a small tiny window with bars
outside hands offering chai in small earthenware cups
the indians closest to the windows drink
and then as the train moves throw the cups to the ground smashing on train tracks
car-a-a-a goes the cups
car-e-e-e goes the train
Children wearing no bottoms beg at my side and get swooshed away
Traveling circus family that got on last stop
boy and girl linked together at legs and arms does human wheel act down the center of the aisle
smash-smash-smash go their faces-chests-tummies
A boy of six pretending to be Michael Jackson
hand behind one head
other on pelvis
with his lips as he thrusts-thrusts his little pisser at me
And I sit scared but trying
to be brave
How my work world has shielded me from life
real life.
And now
a break in my day
Reap the benefits
Reap the harvest
Reap the seams, man!
Break fast
Break falls
Break away
Break habits
Break screens
Break a nail
Break a leg
Break neck
Freak break
Work’s a dick
Frick off
Sign off.

-from Topic post, Shiva

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