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An Ordinary Day

an ordinary day
sucks the dew drenched thumb
poking holes through clear vision

a thousand frozen lakes
5 degrees and falling
heat flows from white vents
blowing candles in the dark

the day slips through my fingers
solid and rocky
I walk along the stiffened grass
pull garbage bins from the road

what are you waiting for?
there is nothing to be found
in the emptiness
I tie a knot in my shoe

the cat plays with a piece of jute
and I stare at the yellow fire
the Ghost Whisperer listens
to the newborn’s eyes

cinnamon and sugar
melt into toasted butter
the postman hops up the steps
wears a worn path across the lawn

an ordinary day
pricks the paper skin
covering my juicy soul

Friday, January 12th, 2007

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