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  1. I don’t hate
  2. unless I’m in a hating mood
  3. In high school the girls used to say, Eeeeee, you’re so hateful!
  4. I hate to lie but I lie more than I hate
  5. Tonight I went to see Children of Men and told my husband I watched Dreamgirls instead
  6. He wanted to see Children of Men, which I knew but in my mind I thought I was going to see Kate Winslet
  7. in a movie about kids and marriage
  8. Imagine my surprise when it was Clive Owen who showed up on the big screen!
  9. I usually hate movies with a lot of blood and gore. I’m a real chick flick sort of girl
  10. Eeeeeee, I’m so hateful, doing what I do to the people I love.

p.s., I hate the song Achy Breaky Heart, but I like the words “achy breaky” the way I like the words “freakadelic” and “beat billy oat’n’goat beep bop a deetin’ dottin'”. It’s not love, but if I loved it I’d have to marry it.


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Going to the capila y nos estamos a casar…Saint You Shoulda Known Better…Saint I’m Not the Kind of Saint to Tell You ‘No’…Saint I Love You No Matter…

Doodle of ella
Saint You Shoulda Known Better, pen and ink on graph paper, doodle ©
2007 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

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1. The latest episode of The Office
2. Drowning in Lay’s potato chips
3. Popcorn between my teeth
4. Knuckles numb with January cold
5. The smell of Kiki’s breath in the morning
6. Coca Cola Zero
7. Ugly Betty’s braces
8. Dancing Christmas cat garland
9. Desktop video clips of HGTV’s Dream Home
10.Voice of Jim Bakus in 1962’s Mister McGoo’s Christmas Carol year after year after year

10+. “razzleberry dressing” and “woofle jelly cake”

Mr. McGoo’s Christmas Carol released December 18th, 1962Mr. McGoo Trivia:  The composers Bob Merrill and Jule Styne offered a song entitled “People” for the score but the animation had already been completed and it was too late to include it. Instead they added it to the score of a Broadway musical they were writing called “Funny Girl”, where it became the first of many hits for the star, Barbra Streisand.

-posted on red Ravine, Monday, January 15th, 2007

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4 central human questions

what is the nature of the human being

what are the goals of human life

what causes disease, disharmony, or sin

how can we best approach healing or restoration of wholeness


13 haiku

red rocks spiral out
losing control in sky blue
swimming underground

shoveling light snow
10 degrees of chilled weather
sweat up my orange shirt

the scrapes pierce along
the upturned snowy driveway
sound barriers break

you at the bottom
me on the top of the hill
spreading sand and salt

noon on the cell phone
talking to my mother through
jaw dropping windchills

my brother’s birthday
falls on the coldest day yet
month one, 15th day

christmas light glitter
floats past old holiday cheer
reaching into spring

EAS stocking
Itasca walking stick holds
the crease of the loop

toes frozen, bone-chilled
I remember the slow heat
Ghost Ranch sweating fire

I waited on the red hill
alone but not scared
walking by the dead

bumping into you
much later in the bathroom
you stared right through me

reading William James
late at night in the queen bed
I sleep in your arms

June curses summer
January remembers
how good the heat feels

Monday, January 15th, 2007

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I worked on my essay all day yesterday. I read the speech by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. He talked about being holed up in a room to write, and I realized how much I like that work. I like it and I don’t like it, but I look forward to holing myself up in my space to write. I can stay there for hours. It’s like a puzzle to me, and afterwards I also realize I’ve been struggling with my brain. My mind. I have been working out the puzzle. I’ll throw out everything I wrote that didn’t come through practice. It’s not alive. But what it showed me was the way I needed to go. What I was working out was the theme and the main points of the essay.

I’m intrigued with this interplay of the writing, which flows out one paragraph after another, and the structure of the story. That doesn’t flow out. I didn’t make my outline like I said I would. I didn’t write on the topic I thought I was going to write on. I picked out a blog assignment that had energy for me. I guess since it was palpable I just started going with it instead of planning it out. I knew there was something I wanted to say with this piece, but I was not exactly sure what. I’m still not exactly sure what, although after yesterday I’m closer. I got stuck in one particular transition, and it was only in the bathtub this morning I realized what I wanted to write about in that particular paragraph. It’s like the transition, the turning point that allows me to go to the next section, came to me.

Is this how writing is? This is the first time, besides the blog assignments, that I am honoring practice by using it as the main approach to building a finished piece. I will labor over a particular paragraph that hasn’t been built with practice. I’ll rewrite the sentences, even knowing as I’m doing it that it’s not working. I’ll step back, read from the beginning. The first four or five paragraphs changed hardly one iota from the way they came out in practice. Then it gets stilted. I run into the paragraph I’ve been laboring over. I sit down, try to write what I want to say using practice, except I haven’t arrived at what I want to say. That’s where the structure comes in. I don’t know if this makes sense. I don’t know if this is what happens to others. I want to talk about it to someone, not analyze it, just understand it and then read their finished piece. It’s important to know what goes on in the room where you alone sit.

Today, work. I have an all-day meeting where people are flying in from other places. I’d like to bow out for the meeting. I won’t be able to focus on my writing. Maybe I can take my schedule book and sketch in it if I get bored. I know now what I want to write next, and it’s hard when you have that in you belly. Or maybe I have it on my mind and I need to transfer it to my belly where it can sit all day, patiently, letting it build. That’s what I’ll do. I’m not sure when I get to write next. I do know I have to write soon.

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