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Untitled, light and dark circles in morning, all photos © 2007 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

Circles. Round and round we go. We talk in circles, walk in circles. Swim in circles. Run circles around the competition. We circle around issues, circle the wagons. Circles under your eyes means you’re tired. Crop circles mean you’ve been visited by alien life. There are sewing circles, literary circles, study circles. Which circle do you run with?

Circles never end.


Look at the word circle.

If you say it enough times it starts to lose its meaning.
Circle circle circle circle circle circle. 

The circle is sacred in many cultures. In the book Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance, author Iris Stewart writes, “The circle is perhaps the most ancient of mystical symbols and the most universal of all dances. It is the earth and the sun in eternal movement, an unbroken, unbent line symbolizing continuity and eternity. The circle dance represents wholeness. The dance brings life full circle.”

The passage of time, the seasons, the cycle of life.
All circles.
The sun, earth, and moon.
We join hands in a circle of prayer.

Lakota Indian Wallace Black Elk said:

Zero (0) is not ‘nothing’.
It’s a circle, without beginning or end.

What do circles mean to you? Write about circles.

Slow walk a circle, not so big as to get lost nor so small as to make yourself dizzy. Then sit down with your notebook and fast-writing pen, write the word “CIRCLES” at the top of your page, set your timer for 15 minutes, and go.


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