Archive for January 2nd, 2008

A   art, all things Art and Artist, absolute passion for Art, artsy-fartsy

B   billies, that’s what I call the Boys in my life: Jim, Otis, Rafael

C   children, my girls, chattering sitting in the same chair

D   daylight growing, Dad

E   evenings, eating dinner with my family more often than not

F   friends, family, fields (of dreams, of birds, of grass)

G   Goldberg, Natalie

H   home, heart, honesty, humility, hope

I   as in me, the person I am, iffy, imaginative, ignoramous

J   just a job, a just job

K   kindness, kinship, kindred spirits

L   life, what it deals me, love, longing, loyalty

M   Mom, menopause (bring it on), milk for my coffee

N   oh fair NEW MEX-ico, we-love-we-love-you-so

O   old age, grateful for every day of it my parents have

P   pain, parenting, parents, passion, pens (fast-writing), practice

Q   QuoinMonkey, questions never answered, quriosity

R   rest, relaxation, reading, responsibility, romance rekindled

S   sunlight, snow, seasons, siblings

T   truth, trees

U   us, my family, uneven, unfinished, unconditional love

V   Virgin Mary, vulnerability, view of the mountains

W   water, agua, cool muddy brown

X   eXcitement, eXistential, X marks the spot, you are here

Y   saying YES to taking risks (moving, blogging, writing)

Z   zest for life, zaniness at times, zen everyday

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