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invention of Life Savers Candy by Clarence Crane in 1912.

by Categories (that only make sense to me)

1. Atomic Fire Balls
2. Jaw Breakers
3. Life Savers (I got a book of these one Christmas that I savored til June)
4. Red Hots
5. Smarties
6. Sweetarts
7. Candy Corn

8. Bazooka Bubble Gum
9. Beemans gum
10. Black Jack gum
11. Teaberry Gum (my fave, gum wrapper chains, hours of time well spent?)

12. Blow Pop
13. Bubble Gum Cigars
14. Rainblo Gum
15. Chiclets (the tiny size Chiclets are more fun)
16. Bubble Yum

17. Candy Cigarettes
18. Candy Watch
19. Nik-L-Nips (wax syrup bottles – Yum, chewing on the wax)
20. Wax Lips  & Fangs (loved these! think Halloween)

21. Junior Mints (remember that Seinfeld episode)
22. Milk Duds (movies, movies, movies)
23. Whoppers (more movies)
24. Sixlets (bad chocolate but that tiny BB size morsel!)
25. Sugar Baby (even more movies)
26. Planter’s Peanut Bar (what’s with the spectacles)

27. Sugar Daddy (pulled my fillings out)
28. Slo Pokes
29. Tootsie Pops
30. Tootsie Roll
31. Rolo

32. Snickers
33. Kit Kats
34. Twix
35. Pay Day (sigh, perchance to barter)

 Why do wintergreen Life Savers spark when crunched?

Friday, April 27th, 2007

-from Topic post, Candy Freak

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