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So Ugly It’s Beautiful, mask detail, photo by ybonesy, July 19, 2007Ever notice how artists and designers surround themselves with beautiful things? Not necessarily fine arts, but beautiful everyday things. Found objects or practical objects with a flair. Out-of-the-ordinary salt and pepper shakers, plain-yet-colorful plates, vintage scarves, oddly shaped rocks, pieces of gnarly wood. Do you save great-looking postcards just because they’re great looking? Or buy cheap-but-handsome trinkets and souvenirs? If so, you probably have an artist’s eye — that certain aesthetic sense.

Zigs and Zags, Mexican rug detail, photo by ybonesy, July 19, 2007To celebrate The Beauty of the Little Things, we have a new category on red Ravine called Everyday Art. We’ll upload photos of the objects in our lives that are striking, unusual, luminous. To remind us that you don’t have to have a lot of money or hold a big job with a fancy design firm to enjoy beauty in your every day.

Update: Last night QM and I stumbled across a new group on flickr called Everyday Art. Click here to check it out. Synchronicity…

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