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Ode To Joy & Christmas Eve, snapshot of my art studio desk, BlackBerry Shots, Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 2009, all photos © 2009 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.

savor the small things
the joy of writing haiku
in the dead of night;
the silence of snow falling,
calms the chatter in my mind

circumspect darkness
relative humidity
what matters to me?
seeing clearly with the heart
things invisible to the eye

Holiday blizzard
thank you for braving the storm
following footprints
of those who walked before us —
Joy hides in the strangest places

It’s the dead of night. I’m staring out the window at snow falling on cedars, oaks, and ash. A Holiday blizzard. I’ve always liked Christmas Eve almost better than Christmas. When I was growing up, I’d stay up way past the time when my five younger siblings were in bed, rocking in the leather recliner, bathed in the glow of firelight and candles. Some years the living room would be blue from head to toe, my mother’s favorite color, with a tree dressed in angel hair and the front door wrapped like a package with pine cones and ribbon. Do they still have contests for best door decorations?

I can smell Amelia’s fruit cake and rocks, ladles of egg nog, cloves spiking the Christmas ham. It’s the time of year when I count my blessings. I’m grateful for family, friends, and lovers, for blog partners and red Ravine readers, for puffy orange coats and wet mittens. Thank you for walking with us through murky and uncertain waters. Thank you for running through rain. And pausing in the darkness of Winter. There is so much joy in the silence.

Happy Holidays from red Ravine, December 24th, 2009

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Bursting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2007, photo © 2007-2009 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.

Bursting, purple coneflowers in the summer garden, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2007, photo © 2007-2009 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.

It’s hard to believe, but the years are ticking by on red Ravine. We are well into 2009. If you missed any of the writers and artists who published with us in 2008, links to each of their pieces are below. Please feel free to revisit their work. Or if you are reading for the first time, new comments are welcome; let them know what you think.

ybonesy and I extend our gratitude to our dedicated readers, to our haiku poets, and to all who have published with us on red Ravine. It is our honor and pleasure to have gotten to know you better through your work. We look forward to future submissions.

Thank you!


January 2008

My Totem Animal by Sharon Sperry Bloom

CIRCLES – A Free Write by Carolee

February 2008

A 10-Minute Free-Writing Practice by Christine Swint

Hair – 15min by Robin

March 2008

A 40-Year Love Affair by Teri Blair

Hands by Bob Chrisman

April 2008

An Evening With Elizabeth Gilbert & Anne Lamott by Carolyn Flynn

Interview With Author and Artist Natalie Goldberg

May 2008

Desire And A Library Card — The Only Tools Necessary To Start A Poetry Group
by Teri Blair

Growing Older by Bob Chrisman

Growing Old by Bo

June 2008

The Face You Wore Before You Were Born by Linda Weissinger Lupowitz

“Goat Ranch” by Bob Chrisman

July 2008

The Art of My Self-Publishing by Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

August 2008

Rollin’ Easy by Marylin (aka oliverowl)

A Lesson By Example by Bo Mackison

September 2008

Stephenie Bit Me, Too! by Bob Chrisman

Crisis Changed My Life by Robin

The Shamanic Series by Carol Tombers

October 2008

The Law Of Threes by Bob Chrisman

Why I Vote by Teresa Valle

Ink Illuminations by Katherine Repka*

November 2008

Mystery E.R. by Judith Ford

In Memoriam by Bob Chrisman

December 2008

haiku (one-a-day)– a year of collaborative haiku practice from our visiting poets 


-posted on red Ravine, Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

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Piglet Bearing Gifts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 2007, photo © 2007 by Skywire Alley. All rights reserved.

Piglet Bearing Gifts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 2007, photo © 2007 by SkyWire Alley. All rights reserved.

I’m afraid the photograph of Piglet gives me away — I’m a little late posting this piece. I had wanted to get it out in January. You know what they say about the best laid plans.

Still, it wouldn’t be right to go without acknowledging our 2007 Guests. We’d like to offer our gratitude to the writers and artists who submitted their work to us in 2007. It has made the red Ravine community a richer place to visit. Please accept our heartfelt thanks.

We are well into March and ybonesy and I have been doing Spring cleaning. We’ve got some changes planned for 2008, and a few surprises, too. We went live nearly a year ago this April. We are still here. The experience has been rewarding, challenging, thrilling, and humbling.

Somehow, people continue to visit, risking that long walk to the bottom. Believe it or not, it’s when our energy is flagging, that we feel the most gratitude to our dedicated readers. Especially those who dare to join the conversation with their comments.

Just in case you missed any of our Guests in 2007, I’ve added links to each of their posts below (our 2008 Guests can be found on the sidebar). Revisit if you wish. Let them know what you think.

Deep bow. And thank you.

April 2007

25 Reasons I Write by Judith Ford

Til Death Do Us Part by Laurie L.

Fuchsia High Tops by dzvayehi

Continue Under All Circumstances by Teri Blair

May 2007

On Candy by Barbara Rick

PRACTICE – Place – 15min by mimbresman 

A Place To Stand – Greenwich Country Day School by Nat Worley

Help Wanted by Sharon J. Anderson

The Art Of Love by Juanita McDermott

Wishing You A Peaceful Heart – An Open Letter To Cindy Sheehan by Beth Bro Howard

June 2007

Killer Water, A Desert Rat Chronology by mimbresman

My Father’s Smile by Beth Bro Howard

The Devil Came Down To Austin by Carolyn Flynn

July 2007

From A Poetry Virgin by Shira

Everyone Has A Story by Annelise

Dreaming Of Frida Kahlo by Laura Stokes

August 2007

Thornton Wilder & Bridges by Teri Blair

Abandoned Is… by Elizabeth Statmore

A Letter To Agnes Martin And A Surprise Reply by Joanne Hunt

September 2007

Writing The “Remembering Grace Paley” Piece by Elizabeth Statmore

40 Days, 8 Flags, And 1 Mennonite Choir by Teri Blair

Interview With Author And Teacher Robert Wilder – Part 1

Interview With Author And Teacher Robert Wilder – Part 2

October 2007

The Turning Point: Two Poems by Alissa King

Under Your Voodoo by Sharon Sperry Bloom

The Unanswered Question by Beth Bro Howard

Inner Rhythms by Gail Wallinga

November 2007

Poetry: Garden by 94stranger

Kindness by Marylin

Coffee Rorschach, Part I by OmbudsBen

Coffee Rorschach, Part II by OmbudsBen

December 2007

Alone Together – The Beginning Of The Petroglyph Practitioners by Jeanie Bernard, Katherine Reynolds, Sally Sontheimer, Melissa Studdard

The Petroglyph Practioners On, “I Want To Let Go Of…” by Jeanie Bernard, Katherine Reynolds, Sally Sontheimer, Melissa Studdard

(Whose B-Day?) Going To New York by E. Elise

-posted on red Ravine, Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

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