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Henry, Em’s drawing of Henry the Pug, on display at the “Young in
Art” show, February, 2010, image © 2010 by Em, All rights reserved.

This is Henry. He came from my 10-year-old daughter’s imagination. Sony the Pug was inspiration for Henry. If Henry were real, perhaps he would be Sony’s boyfriend.

Em, my daughter, decided she wanted to draw a pug. So I had her look at Sony as closely as possible, to notice Sony’s little black nose, how there’s an upside-down Y from the bottom of that nose to the bottom of the face, and another upside-down Y between Sony’s eyes. I pointed out Sony’s little ears and her wrinkly face that makes her seem like she’s frowning all the time.

Noticing all these things, Em drew the pug above and then said, “I want it to be wearing a hat,” at which point Dee suggested, “How about a top hat?” So Em drew a top hat on the pug.

I thought the portrait would look nice with one of those ribbon banners at the bottom spelling out the pug’s name, but Em liked the idea of a collar and tag. Once she saw her pug’s face, she said it wasn’t Sonia after all; that it was a boy pug and his name was Henry.

I loaned Em my markers, which are about 50 different shades of just a dozen or so colors. Over three days, Em painted Henry with the markers. First she did the light colors then darker for shading.

Em slowed way down and carefully colored the picture. The quality comes through in the result.

Henry the Pug was selected by Frame-n-Art to be in the “Young in Art” show. Frame-n-Art has hosted this art show for the local elementary school for over a dozen years. It’s a way this gallery-slash-frame-shop gives back to the community and encourages young people to make art not just for fun but for others to enjoy.

Each year local artists jury the show to select 24 pieces—four from each of grades Kindergarten to Fifth. The two-dimensional pieces have all been matted courtesy of the gallery and are on display at an exhibit there. The artist reception will be in about a week, and there will be one award from each grade plus two overall awards. The first overall award is “Principal’s Choice,” in which the principal picks her favorite to hang in the school administration building. People who go to the gallery up to and during the reception can also vote, and that winning piece is proclaimed “People’s Choice.” There are cash awards for winners.

This is Em’s second year in “Young in Art.” It is an honor just to be selected for the show. Last weekend when I took Em by the gallery to see her piece hanging and to vote, she said that this year she wants to win one of the awards. Tonight, though, she said it’s OK if she doesn’t win an award, that it was enough to be in the show.

Competing for awards is a nerve-wracking thing, and I applaud my daughter for approaching it with a sportsman-like attitude. She’s a competitive kid, perhaps due to be the youngest and thus wanting to exceed her sister’s accomplishments. Or maybe the competitiveness is a natural trait, having nothing to do with siblings. In either case, I’m glad she’s game. I for one hope she wins one of the awards and will be rooting for her.

I also think it’s fabulous that Frame-n-Art sponsors this show. What they do is a big deal for a lot of young people and their biggest fans.

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Sony Pepperoni, pen and ink on graph paper, doodle © 2008
by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

Em, my youngest daughter, has been reading and writing poetry all this month with her third-grade class. She wrote two limericks and one haiku, and she carried in her Poetry Book a poem called “My hobby” by Shel Silverstein. She read all of these poems to everyone in our family.

I asked her if I could publish on red Ravine the poems she wrote. “Yes!” was her answer. She has been eagerly awaiting the post since then.

So, without further ado, here are three poems by Em.


There was a girl named Pearl.
She had a big curl.
She saw a pig,
gave him a wig.
The pig met a pretty girl.


There was a pug called Sony.
She smelled like a piece of baloney.
So we took her to see the Soapy Dog,
people there said, “She looks like a hog.”
Because she ate so much pepperoni.


Spring has sprung

Flowers are blooming
Bees are buzzing all around
Sun shining brightly

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Sonia Wise Eyes, Sonia adjusting to her new home, February 11, 2008, all photos © 2008 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

  1. Her full name is Sonia.
  2. She came to us via a friend who loved her but couldn’t keep her; the friend’s father was dying.
  3. Sony is 10 months old.
  4. She doesn’t come when you call her. She forces you to run after her, and then it becomes a game of Catch Sony.
  5. She snorts and snores. I never thought snorting and snoring could be cute, but it is when she does it!
  6. She has transformed us into small dog folk. We never thought we’d own a small dog. We’ve always had big dogs.
  7. She’s a lap dog. She was bred to be a lap dog.
  8. She’s well-mannered. Sleeps in her bed and doesn’t get up until we get up.
  9. Hardy for a small dog. She once hiked eight miles.
  10. She’s hilarious. Loves to make us laugh.

The only thing we know about pugs is what we’ve learned in one week through on-the-job training. We never expected to own a pug but now that we do, we love being pug parents.

So, for any pug people out there, what should we expect? Is every pug destined to be the size of a small Sumo wrestler? Will Sonia ever come to us when we call her?

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