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Flowers Closeup, images of flowers grouped together,
photo © 2010 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

The girls were at camp for a week, which is the first time since this time last year that we had the house to ourselves. It’s late August, almost September, and this particular camp — which is always held the week before school starts — is the last hurrah of summer.

My oldest starts high school next week. During a few days off recently I began a room redecoration project with her. We had intended to go to the cabin for two days with Jim and Em, but I forgot about an orthodontist appointment for Dee that couldn’t be changed. So off they went while Dee and I set about redoing her bedroom.

She decided on a black-and-white color scheme with lavender, light blue, light pink, and other accent colors. We bought a new bedding set, plus two white shag rugs (I know!), a white desk chair, and a zebra print lamp. But the best part was when she got to select artwork for the walls. She found seven photo prints of different flowers, black-and-white with hints of color, in double-white mats.

I then purchased ready-made frames from Michael’s (my boycott there didn’t last long) and did something I rarely do. Instead of procrastinating and letting the new prints and frames sit untouched for weeks, I actually put them all together and hung them in a group on Dee’s wall.

Wall of Flowers, to hang multiple pictures together on the wall, I used this excellent “how to,” photo © 2010 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

The end of summer and beginning of school is a welcome time for me. Much as I enjoy the excitement of vacations and a general lazy feeling that lasts for two-and-a-half months starting in May, summer reminds me how much I cherish the routines that back-to-school brings in our household.

One such routine is quiet time for my artwork. With the girls back in school, that means they’re not staying up late on weeknights. Weeknights, often after 9p, are when I can pull out my jewelry and lose myself in the tactical work of designing bracelets, gluing on designs, sanding edges, and mixing resin.

Just last night, I worked on several new bracelets. I am always amazed at the vibrancy of the work and delighted any time a new color scheme or design emerges. I turn my music on loud — usually k.d. lang belting out hymns of the 49th parallel, James Taylor, or Collective Soul — and don’t look up again for hours.

Bracelets in Process, pieces coming together, (calendar
stuck on June), photo © 2010 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

But summer ain’t over ’til it’s over. Besides a couple of New Student orientations, the first day of school isn’t until Thursday. There is much yet to fit in over this last weekend.

Em is starting a new transition, too, from elementary to middle school. She also got new accouterments for her bedroom, such as bedding in bright oranges, magentas, lime greens, and turquoise. Jim has to fix the cool and colorful lamp inherited from Dee’s room, plus we have a few items yet to purchase. And there is still more to do to finish up Dee’s redecoration — the full length mirror, more wall hangings, and putting up the curtains that are being hemmed by a local seamstress.

It’s only now that summer is almost over that I can see how important these particular new beginnings are for my daughters. I like to mark beginnings — transformation in one’s life, new seasons, milestone dates, new roles.

And as I celebrate, it’s with a bittersweet heart because as the saying goes, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Mother and Child, antique framed Catholic print, hung to look over my art-making space, photo © 2010 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

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This morning I walk into the bedroom, stop to pick up a piece of straw and its friend, lint. It is not easy to keep the house clean always. Oh, I see a note from Netflix, they received the DVD I sent yesterday. Netflix makes movies easy. I was wondering who came up with the idea, how long the idea will last before that, too, becomes obsolete. It’s good while it lasts.

In the bedroom the bed is unmade. On top of that a pile of clean clothes. Dee and Em watch Arthur, an episode about Arthur and DW learning how to cooperate as they clean their rooms together. Arthur’s parents are patient and make parenting look easy. The dad mouse stops vacuuming while the mom mouse sits at her computer. “I’ll go take care of this one,” he says after they both hear DW scream “MOM!!!” No one to help me fold clothes. Jim is in the kitchen heating up chicken fingers from dinner last night for the girls’ breakfast. That’s an easy breakfast.

What is easy? Writing, just letting it flow, is easy. Although Natalie said there’s always that initial resistance. I don’t know that I feel that each time. Sometimes I do. If the writing is for something other than just practice, and even sometimes then I pause. Writing is not exactly easy right now. The phone rings. It’s Renee. “Are they going to ride bikes to school today?,” she asks. “Jim,” I yell into the other room. Yes, they are, I relay the message. But then again, maybe I shouldn’t try to write in the middle of morning routines.

Routines, and do they make life easier? My routines are fairly routine. Get up, take a shower if I need to wash my hair, a bath if I don’t. On weekends often neither. I dilly dally instead of eating breakfast. Clean the house, fold clothes, write. Resistance to my day. Life would be easiest if I were wealthy, an inheritance from a rich uncle. But maybe not. Don’t they say people who win the lotteries have miserable lives afterwards? Drug addictions. Family problems. Money doesn’t buy happiness. That’s what they always say.

I guess I don’t want easy money. Nothing comes easy. It’s a funny word. After a while it sounds like greasy.

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