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Um, hel-loooo… can someone let me in?
They’re lining up to do a drumline.*

Hey, you just let Rafie in. Come on, you guys.
Don’t leave
me out here alone with ’em.

OK. Everyone into formation. Not you, duck.

Quacky idea…stupid turkeys. Hmmph!

Line ’em up, turkeys, straight and narrow!

Watch this…they’re fluffin’ up for the finale…

Woo-hoo, show some tail! Duck, get out!

We’re done…let’s get the flock outta here.
Wait a sec, is there any food?

*Drumline = a name suggested by one of red Ravine’s readers during a lively conversation about what to name our 11 “turklets.”

These turkeys are so advanced that they took it upon themselves to learn amazing turkey tricks, such as “doing the Drumline.”

Perhaps they were scared into action upon hearing some of the other names suggested, namely Butterball, Giblet, Barbie-Q, Stove Top, and Drumstick.

Although we’d like the turkeys to be wild, they haven’t taken well to the idea. Still, we have high hopes that these turkeys will make a mark in this world (and I’m not talking about turkey scat), forever burying the notion that they might be better served on a platter this Thanksgiving.

[Oh, and, the photos? Taken with my cell phone camera. Still waiting…]

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Em Holding Baby Turkey, photo by ybonesy on July 17, 2007
Em Holding Baby Turkey, photo by ybonesy on July 17, 2007, photos © 2007 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

Jim and the girls almost had me fooled when they told me that baby turkeys are called “turklets.” So I googled the word “turklet” and found this entry in Urban Dictionary:

 turklet isn’t defined yet, but these are pretty close:

1. gobblet  
  A baby male turkey. As opposed to a turklet, which can be either male or female.

I would kill that turkey, but think of its poor gobblets.


Our brown girl turkey, Eagle Eye, has six freshly hatched babes, and our slate gray turkey, Azul, is sitting on another eight or so eggs. We might end up with a “rafter” of turkeys, which, in case you’re not familiar with that word, it’s what you call a bunch of turkeys.

Oh, and baby turkeys — they’re actually called “poults.” Here’s a link that tells you what other animal babies are called, now that you’re surely dying to know that information.

Eagle Eye with her Babies, photo by ybonesy, July 17, 2007

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