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May Day Self-Portrait: Searching For Spring – 16/52, BlackBerry 52 –
Week 16, Golden Valley, Minnesota, April 2011, photo © 2011 by
QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved. Medium: original BlackBerry photo
from April 28, 2011, processed in Photoshop Elements.

Happy Beltane! Glastonbury is celebrating big time. As is Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin. In Minnesota, we woke up to gray and windy skies with a temperature of 33 degrees. But it’s not keeping us from honoring the coming of Spring. The Twin Cities annual In The Heart of the Beast May Day Parade will go on as scheduled in Powderhorn Park! I hope they don’t get blown off the lake.

The self-portrait is a response to Lotus for the BlackBerry 52 Collaboration (the Jump-Off is her self-portrait: Self-Portrait #2: Locker Room). I took the original photograph on April 28th, a warm, sunny day in the front yard. My glasses are actually red, but I reversed them out to the green of Spring. The white area is the reversed shadow of me taking the photograph; the inky background is the spruce in our front yard.

I hope you all enjoy your May Day, rain, bluster, or shine!

Lotus and I will continue to respond to each other’s BlackBerry Jump-Off photos with text, photography, poetry (however we are inspired) for the 52 weeks of 2011. You can read more at BlackBerry 52 Collaboration. If you are inspired to join us, send us a link to your images, poetry, or prose and we’ll add them to our posts.

-posted on red Ravine, Sunday, May 1st, 2011

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Whenever I say “May Day, May Day,” I say it in that nasally voice that I associate with the robot on Lost In Space. Danger, Danger Will Robinson.

I didn’t realize today was a holiday. I mean, I don’t know anything about May Day. Is it a holiday because it’s the first of May? I feel silly not knowing. When I lived in Spain the first of May was a holiday, with a parade and all the families spilling out into the streets. The girls wore colorful skirts and danced. I don’t know why it was a holiday there, and maybe I remember the first of September or October, because now that I think about it I remember the parade happening shortly after I’d arrived. I felt lonely seeing all those Spanish families with grandmas and babies in strollers. I felt alone, which I was. But still, I’m almost sure there was something festive about the first of May in Spain.

I’m festive today, as my computer arrived. It’s a XPS M1210. The screen is gorgeous. I wonder how long it will take before I leave smudges on it. I looked up all the reviews and from what I can tell, this is a nice model. The keyboard is normal size, but the system overall is small. Four-something pounds. Not as sleek as my baby Inspiron, but I like this one better. It’s more solid. The hinges don’t look like they might break off any day. It’s black on the outside, silver on the inside. I told Jim I can’t give it to Dee now that I see it. I don’t think I’ll want another new computer, this one is so nice. Just wait and see, he said. Maybe I’ll still give it to her.

First of May and it’s raining. Unusual weather for these parts. Or, I should say, it used to rain a lot when I was a kid. Then we had years of drought, and now the rain again. It’s good that it’s raining. We haven’t irrigated the new property yet. If it weren’t for the rain, that place would be drying up. Everything is falling into place over there. We should move within two weeks. The heating guy replaced the boiler yesterday. It was an old huge thing, the kind of radiator I imagine you see in church rectories or small schools. And the tile guy washed off the years of wax build-up on the quarry tile floors. The wood floor guy does his work on Thursday. Then this weekend we can begin moving furniture and rugs inside the house. So far we’ve only moved stuff we can store outside, like bicycles and garage things. We, I say. Jim’s the one doing all the moving work so far.

May Day and May showers will bring June flowers. We’re always a bit late in New Mexico. My tulips have bloomed. One set, the tomato red, have already gone away. The ruffle-edged orange ones will die out by this weekend, I bet. Time’s up.

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