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  1. I don’t hate
  2. unless I’m in a hating mood
  3. In high school the girls used to say, Eeeeee, you’re so hateful!
  4. I hate to lie but I lie more than I hate
  5. Tonight I went to see Children of Men and told my husband I watched Dreamgirls instead
  6. He wanted to see Children of Men, which I knew but in my mind I thought I was going to see Kate Winslet
  7. in a movie about kids and marriage
  8. Imagine my surprise when it was Clive Owen who showed up on the big screen!
  9. I usually hate movies with a lot of blood and gore. I’m a real chick flick sort of girl
  10. Eeeeeee, I’m so hateful, doing what I do to the people I love.

p.s., I hate the song Achy Breaky Heart, but I like the words “achy breaky” the way I like the words “freakadelic” and “beat billy oat’n’goat beep bop a deetin’ dottin'”. It’s not love, but if I loved it I’d have to marry it.


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