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Scandia Honeybee, Scandia, Minnesota, iPhone Shots, August 17th, 2019, photo © 2019 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.

Liz and I spent a beautiful morning on a St. Croix riverboat tour with the Twin Cities Museum Meetup group. After the captain of the Princess docked the boat, we walked around glacial potholes in Interstate State Park, then drove to the Gammelgården Museum in Scandia for the annual Spelmansstämma (Immigrant Fiddle Festival). When the music was over, we walked around the grounds and I took a close up of this lone honeybee on an end-of-summer pilgrimage. Liz reminded me that it’s National Honeybee Day. I have gratitude for the day and the place in which we live. It is filled with wonder.

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Nashville. #black&white #travel #photography #sky #architecture #shadows #clouds #sky #Tennessee #retro #roadtrip

Nashville, Tennessee, iPhone Shots, June 27th, 2016, photo © 2019 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.


View of downtown Nashville on a road trip with Liz. We stopped in Nashville to tour Jack White’s Third Man Records on the way to visit my dad and his wife. I lived in Tennessee for a few years as a child, but had never been to Music City. We also visited Ann Patchett’s bookstore Parnassus Books; we try to visit independent bookstores wherever we travel. We were lucky to have made the trip from Minnesota that June because my dad passed away unexpectedly eight months later. I am thinking of him because his birthday is August 15th. We are grateful for the time and cherish the memories. His ashes are scattered near Morristown, Tennessee, the place he was born.

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All I Need Is Time, doodle from my notebook, all rights reserved, ybonesey 2007

  1. My 15-minute practice on Place; that topic post is due today
  2. Walk through the house next door and sit in each room; we close on it today, and tomorrow it will belong to someone else
  3. Draw the hummingbird that’s been buzzing around in my head
  4. Go for a walk on the ditch behind my house just so my hair will get even curlier from the humidity
  5. Write with a friend of mine; I’m tired of not having time for friends and writing
  6. Volunteer to help out at playday for Dee’s class
  7. Nothing
  8. Trim and file my fingernails and toenails
  9. Make my bed
  10. Put make-up on at home instead of in my cubicle at work

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