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The National Latino Writers Conference is in Albuquerque today and tomorrow at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. La Bloga has a blurb about it, with mention of a few books having New Mexico themes.

Conference registrants get a chance to have their manuscripts reviewed by published authors, in this case Rudolfo Anaya and Ralph Flores. And this is what I want to write about.

For those of you who have attended or thought about attending writers conferences, how good are the review sessions when offered? How much time have authors spent on your manuscripts? Was the feedback substantive?

I also wonder, what is the future of writers conferences? Will aspiring writers always want to pursue the opportunity to show their work to published authors? I suppose much depends on the quality of workshops and reviewers at these conferences, but I do wonder how new technology changes the balance between those who have arrived and those who are on the path.

Just some of the thoughts running through my brain at quarter to 7 on a Friday night. Would love to hear your insights should you have any on the topic.

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