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A friend of mine sent an email today letting me know our PBS station is airing a documentary tonight on writer Rudolfo Anaya. It’s called From Curandera to Chupacabra: The Stories of Rudolfo Anaya. You can watch the documentary via the link; it’s only 26 minutes long.

My favorite Anaya book is Bless Me, Ultima. His latest book, Curse of the Chupacabra, is for young adults. I’ve been wanting to get it to read out loud to the girls.

Chupacabra, by the way, means “goat sucker.” I’ve heard it described as a chicken-like creature with a long beak that sucks the blood from goats and other large animals. I think of it as El Cucuy meets cattle mutilations.

Anyhow, I’m going to watch the documentary. I took a creative writing class from Anaya when I was in college. He was an influence in my writing life. Plus, my friend’s husband worked on the film and their son has a supporting role.

You should watch it, too. Then read some Anaya books. But keep an eye out for the chupacabra. Really.

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