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My tiny blue Dell Inspiron 300m laptop finally expired. Bless its heart. It was a lemon. I’ve had it almost three years and in that time Dell replaced the motherboard once, the memory card twice, the keyboard once, and the LCD display twice. The right hinge that connects the screen to the rest of the computer recently broke off; a new one was to be shipped this week.

I cancelled the order at about 7 this morning. I’d been writing for 20 minutes when the computer made a popping sound, turned itself off, then reeked burning plastic smell all over my lap. I run kind of cold, which might account for the fact I didn’t notice anything was melting into my black Spandex pants.

The good news is Dell is going to replace the laptop with a brand new one AND they’ve guaranteed if they can’t give me the model I have, they’ll send me something even better. (At least that’s what Lawrence with the Puerto Rican accent in central Florida told me, and I choose to believe him.) The best thing I did when I got the computer was purchase a three-year service contract. That’s the whole reason I’m getting the replacement computer now.

Dell stopped short of replacing my pants and committing to load all my files from the melted computer to my new one, so I had to take the laptop to Data Doctors to back up the contents of my hard drive. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to retrieve the data. I hope so. It has all my archived email files, scanned drawings, and writings. Finished pieces. Pieces in process. I hadn’t backed up my data ever since Dell sent over an on-site technician sporting a Real Men Love Jesus button to replace the motherboard.

This time Dell will be sending me a special case; I’ve been instructed to place my laptop into that case and to not turn on the computer between now and then. Don’t even plug in the power cord, Lawrence warned. He said my computer is a fire hazard. Once I ship back the computer, I’ll get my new one.

I wouldn’t have bought Dell to begin with if it weren’t for the fact I got a great deal through work. I guess in the end it’s been worth it. I got two-and-a-half pretty good years and a lot of compliments out of the sleek Inspiron. And now I’m looking forward to having a brand new laptop. I’ll probably let my oldest daughter use it this fall for middle school, and then, if I can afford it, I’ll buy myself a new MacBook Pro. I will definitely purchase the three-year contract. And an external hard drive.

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