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Me: I love my new Spin class.

Mom: Ew, I don’t think I could do that one; I’d throw up.

Me: Yeah, I feel pretty bad for the first 15 minutes, but more my breathing than my stomach.

Mom: But aren’t you really dizzy after all that spinning??

Me: What do you mean? Just your legs are spinning.

Mom: Just your legs??? I thought…don’t you…well, what is Spin class anyway?

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“Hey Mom, didya see Billy Ray yesterday?”

“God, he was awful.”

“I hope they vote him off next week.”

“Me, too. He’s such a hick.”

“Yeah, you can tell he’s counting the steps in his head.”

“He reminds me boys I grew up with.”

“Well, you know hicks.”

“That’s fer sure.”


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