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Gone are the syringes, the pages and pages of charts we logged, the droppers, prescription foods, and red plastic “discarded needle” container with the skull and crossbones. Gone is the hook over the kitchen sink to hang the IV bag; it was made out of an old tent stake. Gone are the alcohol swipes, 15-cent 18 gauge needles, extra towels, warming bowls, and bags of IV hookup tubes.

Expensive medications crammed into limited cupboard space have disappeared. The thick blue folder of Chaco’s veterinary receipts has been filed away. Last week we made a decision to donate the 10 remaining bags of .45 saline IV fluids (from the case we had special ordered to give Chaco’s subcutaneous fluids at home) to the Humane Society. Liz said she would drop the case off after work. She came home on Thursday and handed me a copy of the following letter:


Chaco S. was born February 22nd, 1996, adopted from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society in April 1996, and passed away on June 25th, 2009 after a brave battle with kidney disease.

He left a huge hole in our family and will always be remembered dearly for his big purrs and head bumps.

We are donating extra bags of saline in his name. They kept him going near the end and we know how valuable they can be.

Peace, love and purrs,

The S-H Family
Liz, D., Kiev & Mr. Stripey Pants


This is why I love Liz. She had typed the letter up, added Chaco’s photo, and given it to the woman at the desk of the Humane Society who thanked her profusely for our donation. The intake person was simultaneously talking on the phone to a woman who had lost her cat and advising her of organizations she could contact to help her with her search.

In the short time Liz was there, a woman came in crying because she had to give up her cat. Her husband handed the carrier with their beloved pet over to the intake coordinator. Another man was at the desk to surrender a cat he had taken from a friend because he didn’t want it to be put down; it didn’t work out. He tried to explain. There is no excuse the Humane Society hasn’t already heard.

People desperately trying to find their cats; people desperately needing to get rid of their cats; people grieving the loss of their cats. And I haven’t even gotten to the dogs yet.

The woman at the desk said she would tape Liz’s letter to the box of IV fluids so they would think about Chaco whenever they grabbed a new IV bag for an animal in need. I appreciate the work of caring individuals who volunteer their time to sanctuaries, independent animal shelters, and organizations who care for animals society has tossed aside. There are 81.7 million cats and 71.2 million dogs owned in America. We need to help out wherever we can.

-posted on red Ravine, Sunday, August 9th, 2009

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Mr. StripeyPants At 3 Months, photo by Liz, Feb 1998, photo © 2007 by Liz. All rights reserved. When Liz woke up this morning, she mumbled something about Mr. StripeyPants’ birthday.

“What?” I said. “I missed his birthday?” I strolled into the kitchen and checked out the refrigerator door where Liz has the cats’ birthdays posted.

There (in Liz’s neat artist block print) was the following:

Kiev – ‘Kiki Bell’: Jan. 1, 1995
Chaco – ‘Wooley Pokes’: March 22, 1996
Mr. StripeyPants: Nov. 10, 1997

Sure enough, Mr. StripeyPants turned 10 years old last week, while I was visiting my family in Pennsylvania. And guess what November 10th is? The same day Amelia turned 70.

Happy Birthday, Mr. StripeyPants. Here’s to another 10 years, and counting. I didn’t realize until today, you have the same birthday as Mom. I’ll never forget your birthday again.

  Mr. StripeyPants, Up!, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2007, photo © 2007 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.   The Lick, August 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota, photo © 2007 by SkyWire Alley. All rights reserved.  Mr. StripeyPants, Down!, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2007, photo © 2007 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.   Mr. StripeyPants, All Around!, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2007,photo © 2007 by QuoinMonkey. All rights reserved.

Pants, so cute you could eat him up!, July 30th, 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota, photo © 2007 by SkyWire Alley. All rights reserved.

Pants (so cute you could eat him up!), Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2005, photo © 2007 by SkyWire Alley. All rights reserved.

-posted on red Ravine, Saturday, November 17th, 2007

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