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circles on orange, a rusted gate in front of an orange building in Hoi An, Vietnam, taken December 7, 2008, photo © 2008 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

Eyes rusty around the edges.
Hurts to look out the window.
Craving a vanilla-chocolate swirl TCBY.
Wonder if they have TCBY here.
Teeth jet-lagged, too.
Could use a good brushing.
I think I might have dandruff.
Not very attractive.


Mostly unable to speak in full sentences.
Not registering cohesive thought.
Good thing I am sitting near my gate.
Feel like human origami.
Even now, feet tucked under thighs.
I can’t seem to unfold.
Not interested in talking to a soul.
If one looks at me, I squint.

What are your tips, tricks, and remedies for jet lag?
What has worked for you?
What do you suggest I do over the next 24 hours?

(That’s all I can muster.)

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