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Calling all red Ravine writers and readers!

Today we’re over at the online poetry gathering place that is Read Write Poem. These creative folks are known for their love of poetry and collaboration.

Every Wednesday at midnight they publish a new Read Write Prompt. (What they call a prompt, we call a topic. You say tomato, I say tomahtoe.) Poets then make magic with the topic, and anyone who has a blog site can drop a link to said magic in the Comments section of the Read Write Poem post. Cool, huh?

This week we are providing the topic, and it happens to be one of our favorites. Before we could throw it out there, though, we had to explain why Writing Practice isn’t just about the writing. So please head over there; you’ll find the story of how QuoinMonkey and I met and how red Ravine came to be. (You’ll also at last see photos of the two of us. If you peer really hard into QM’s gorgeous shots of Taos. Unless those are the ghosts of Mabel and Tony that you’re seeing. We understand there is a resemblance.)

The best part? You, too, are invited to write on the topic, which you can get by clicking HERE. If you have a blog site, post your work and provide a link (at Read Write Poem and here). If you don’t have a blog and what you write isn’t too long, go ahead and reproduce it in Comments on this post.

Many thanks to everyone at Read Write Poem!

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