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One Year Today, celebrating the one-year anniversary of red Ravine, pen and ink on graph paper, doodle © 2008 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.


QuoinMonkey: I can’t believe it’s been a year since we launched red Ravine!

ybonesy: Me neither. It’s felt more like ten. (laughs) Just kidding. But I am amazed at how much energy it takes and how some days I have the energy and other days I don’t. Fortunately, one thing I’ve learned is, what goes out eventually returns.

QM: Yeah, I know what you mean. The blog has become part of our practice, and just like with any practice, sometimes you get fried and have to refuel. It’s nice to be in it with a partner. When you’re down, I’ve got your back. When I’m down, you’ve got mine. Could you ever imagine doing this on your own?

yb: No way. There’s the daily or near daily posting and maintenance of the blog, and then there’s the whole putting yourself out there part. For me, that exposure is the piece I might not be able to deal with if it weren’t for the fact that you’re out here, too.

QM: That’s so true. Hey, I want to say that I really I appreciate you. Even though we are different people and have different styles, we work well together. And I value our differences.

yb: Thanks, QM. I appreciate you, too. After a year working together so closely, I’ve come to value the time you take with things, the quality you put into everything you do. Now when I do a post, I take more time with it. I look at the spacing and layout and wonder, what would QM think about this visually?

QM: I do that, too. I’ll post something because I think, ybonesy would do it now. And you take risks, which encourages me to take risks in areas I might not otherwise.

yb: One year later I can honestly say, I’m glad we did this. You’re right — it is a practice. It keeps me moving and producing every day, every week. It inspires me creatively. I have to say, it’s even influenced me in terms of getting my writing room together and thinking about my personal style more seriously. What do you think? Are you up for one more year?

QM: (laughs) Yep. One more year, one day at a time. I gain so much from our faithful community of readers. Creatively, the practice of keeping an art and writing community blog going, fuels my individual creative projects. Count me in. What about you? One more year?

yb: Absolutely! I’d miss the blog and our blogging community — and working with you! — if I didn’t have it. Hey, the other question I have is, What two or three things would you like to accomplish in Year 2?

QM: I’d like to integrate red Ravine into the rest of my creative projects, move it to the next level — with our readers out on the Internet, and with my teaching, writing, and art on the ground in Minneapolis. I’d also like to take more public risks in my writing. We know who our readers are – the same people who will be reading our books. So I’d like to take more risks, while still honoring the mission and vision we set for red Ravine. What are your goals?

yb: Similar ones. The integration with the rest of my stuff — that’s key. And taking to the next level both the blog and my own writing and art. Oh, and speaking of taking risks, this might be the year to figure out what to do about our identities. Do I become ybonesy, or does ybonesy become me? Can we be interchangeable, and how do I assuage concerns I have about safety and Internet identity? Lots to figure out.

QM: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about identity, too. Especially as I’ve been moving into the new art and writing studio and want to share what I’ve learned on red Ravine. I’m open to clarity. If we stay as committed as we are now, and continue to treat this work as a practice, the answers will come. We won’t be tossed away.

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