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big spider, somewhere in Pennsylvania, photo © 2008 by R3. All rights reserved.

big spider, Rock Creek Regional Park, Maryland,
photo © 2008 by R3. All rights reserved.

bugs, bugs everywhere
why do we invade their world
swirling stick circles

4 or 5 inch legs
webmaster spins silken tales
spider sense prevails

-posted on red Ravine, Friday, March 21st, 2008

-related to posts: haiku (one-a-day), WRITING TOPIC – INSECTS & SPIDERS & BUGS, OH MY!,  and My Totem Animal

-collaboration between R3 and QM:  photograph by R3, haiku created by QM from lines out of R3’s Spider Tales (Comment 13) in Writing Topic – Insects & Spiders & Bugs, Oh, My!   

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