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Sonia Wise Eyes, Sonia adjusting to her new home, February 11, 2008, all photos © 2008 by ybonesy. All rights reserved.

  1. Her full name is Sonia.
  2. She came to us via a friend who loved her but couldn’t keep her; the friend’s father was dying.
  3. Sony is 10 months old.
  4. She doesn’t come when you call her. She forces you to run after her, and then it becomes a game of Catch Sony.
  5. She snorts and snores. I never thought snorting and snoring could be cute, but it is when she does it!
  6. She has transformed us into small dog folk. We never thought we’d own a small dog. We’ve always had big dogs.
  7. She’s a lap dog. She was bred to be a lap dog.
  8. She’s well-mannered. Sleeps in her bed and doesn’t get up until we get up.
  9. Hardy for a small dog. She once hiked eight miles.
  10. She’s hilarious. Loves to make us laugh.

The only thing we know about pugs is what we’ve learned in one week through on-the-job training. We never expected to own a pug but now that we do, we love being pug parents.

So, for any pug people out there, what should we expect? Is every pug destined to be the size of a small Sumo wrestler? Will Sonia ever come to us when we call her?

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