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New Mexico-based painter and photographer bloomgal64 sent me an email note a few days ago with these words in the subject line: “An Italian ybonesy.” At first I panicked. Oh no! Some Italian has absconded with my nom de plume and now I will spend the rest of my blogging life explaining, “No, no, you see, I’m the American ybonesy…”

But as I read bloomgal’s message and clicked on the link in Flickr it was pointing me to, I saw that what she wanted me to see was an Italian artist who, at first blush, bloomgal mistook for moi.

¡Qué complimento! (I don’t know how to say “compliment” in español ni italiano, so I hope I’ve not picked a false cognate, which I once did when I went on and on to my Spanish boarding ladies about “preservativos” in foods, not realizing that “preservativos” meant “condoms” in Spanish.)

Check out the work by the artist known as ushnetwork. He is whimsical, political, and wonderful. He has done portraits of young maidens, Madonna of the Milk, Charles Bronson, Condi Rice, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. (I wonder if I can talk him into doing a Portrait of ybonesy?)

And, bloomgal, if you read this, Thanks for making my day!!

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