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Poster of Actors World, painting by Dee, ybonesy 2007, all rights reservedThe girls are off for the summer. This morning I head out the door for work. “Whaaat?,” they cry, “Whereyagoin??” I tell them I have to go to work. “Wer-erk?, but it’s summer!!”

This happens every time they don’t have school. Presidents Day, Fall Break, snow days, teachers’ in-service. In their minds, all the world revolves around school.

I wish it did. I wish when I woke up today all I had to look forward to was figuring out whether I should ride my bike to the library or stay at home and organize my room. I’d love to live by the school calendar. I did once. Sort of.

About three years ago I got a sabbatical from work. Two months paid time off in addition to my regular vacation. I piled it all together and took the summer off with Dee. (Em wasn’t in school yet.) That’s the summer I taught Dee how to do writing practice. We sat together on a squishy blue sofa in a cafe near our house and wrote on topics like, The Rio Grande for 10, GO!

Purple and green, painting by Dee, ybonesy 2007, all rights reservedThat’s also the summer I realized how good Dee was, how good we all are when we don’t have a monkey in our heads telling us otherwise. Dee showed me what beginner’s mind was.

Now she writes all the time. And paints, too. Writing and painting journals fill her shelves. She leaves homemade books lying around the house with illustrated stories about horses and girls and fairies. Em is starting to write, too. I’ve just realized she’s probably at the age where I can teach her writing practice as well.

Now that the days are lighter later, we can pull out our paints or pens after work and practice together. Just the girls. Not as great as having the entire summer off, but pretty darned good.

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Leaving the Land of 10,000 Lakes, photo © 2007 by Liz. All rights reserved.

Leaving the Land of 10,000 Lakes, photo © 2007 by Liz, all rights reserved

Inspired by ybonesy’s Arriving Albuquerque From Seat 21A and Leaving Portland From Seat 21A, I wanted to post Liz’s aerial shots from her trip last week from Minnesota to Wyoming. I wrote about the Minnesota puddles above in Shadow Of A Dragonfly. The two shots below are Wyoming from the air.

Follow the Red Road, photo © 2007 by Liz, all rights reserved

 –Follow the Red Road, photo © 2007 by Liz, all rights reserved

 The Path to Yellowstone, photo © 2007 by Liz, all rights reserved

To the Path to Yellowstone, photo © 2007 by Liz, all rights reserved

In the last shot, Rattlesnake Mountain is on the right, Cedar Mountain on the left, and more of the Absaroka Mountains in the distance. I anticipate views over the Great Lakes as I fly from Minnesota to Pennsylvania in the morning. There is something about changing locations, covering over a thousand miles in less than two hours, that kind of wakes you up. I think it’s good for the creative soul to zip from place to place, flying like a bird. Though I have to admit, I’d much rather drive.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

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