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Make a list of all the jobs you’ve had, from allowance to adulthood. Reach as far back as you can remember. How long did each job last, how much did you make? What age were you? What were the spaces, smells, and textures like in your work environment.

Is there a job you’ve always wanted to try and never have? Astronaut? Physicist? Teacher? Electrician? Backhoe operator? Whose job would you love to steal.

Tell me the weirdest job, the most fun, the strangest, the one that paid you the most. If you had the opportunity not to work, would you stop altogether and write or do your art? What’s keeping you from pursuing your creative dreams?

Are you or were you ever a workaholic? How do you strive for balance? When you have time off, what do you do? Did you have to work to put yourself through school? Or did your parents take care of that.

Our work history tells us a lot about our relationship to money, work, scarcity, and abundance. How have these relationships changed for you as you’ve gotten older or matured? How have they stayed the same?

  • Do a post of your Job List
  • Grab a couple of jobs, and do a 10 minute Writing Practice on one of these:

                  What I loved about this job…
                  What I hated about this job…

  • Mold any emotional, intellectual, and social information you glean from the Job List and Practices into a short post.

Have fun with it. Let it be wild.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

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