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“Hey Mom, didya see Billy Ray yesterday?”

“God, he was awful.”

“I hope they vote him off next week.”

“Me, too. He’s such a hick.”

“Yeah, you can tell he’s counting the steps in his head.”

“He reminds me boys I grew up with.”

“Well, you know hicks.”

“That’s fer sure.”


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The Topic is short, sweet, maybe not simple. List the Top 10 books that have had the most impact on your life.

Your entire life. From the time you first started reading – or were read to by your parents – to the present moment. Which books (and by extraction, writers) had the most influence on you?

It could be pages memorized at age 25 from a book you haven’t picked up since. Could be authors who jumpstarted you at 13 and now collect dust on your middle-aged shelves. Maybe it’s a book you read last week.

Was it The Pit and the Pendulum, Siddhartha, Rapunzel, Harry Potter, The Color Purple, Breakfast of Champions, Journal of a Solitude, or Watership Down? Some, all, none?

Top 10 books that impacted your life. Slam dunk. Nothing but net.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

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