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seven o seven
March equinox dons lamb’s wool
the first day of spring

snatching liquid snow
from the puddle near the fence
silent and thirsty

red lichen dot folds
around a dead aspen branch
in my direction

tater tot medley
whiffing around broiled chicken
on a gray March day

a kid smoking pot
across the pond on a log
sitting in the sun

1 and a half feet
juniper split from the weight
of early spring snow

shedding muddy boots
on the rug by the white door
a black beetle crawls

flattened dirty snow
crusty and black near the porch
frees the columbine

Liz’s clear blue eyes
when she pulls on monkey socks
KitKat bunny ears

chocolate craving
combs the SuperValu aisles
looking for a snack

motherless children
Flower leads the long-tailed pack
of Meercat mansion

sandpaper crystal
reflects the moon in a leaf
spring thaw flutters by

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
first night of spring

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