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c.1200, “at ease,” from O.Fr. aisie, pp. of aisier “to put at ease,” from aise (see ease). Sense of “not difficult to deal with” is c.1340; of conditions, “comfortable,” c.1380. The concept of “not difficult” was expressed in O.E. and early M.E. by eaþe (adv.), ieþe (adj.), apparently common W.Gmc., but of disputed origin. Easy-chair is from 1707; easy-going is from 1649, originally of horses. Easy Street first printed 1901 in “Peck’s Red-Headed Boy.” Easy rider (1912) was U.S. black slang for “sexually satisfying lover.” The easy listening radio format is from 1965, defined by William Safire (in 1986) as, “the music of the 60’s played in the 80’s with the style of the 40’s.” 
 The Online Etymology Dictionary

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Easy is a strange, hard word. Walking from living room to dining room to kitchen to bedroom. Slippered frostbite danger from Transport Canada websitefeet, 16 degrees, 8 degree wind chill. A salmon flavored cat food pebble sticks in a leather groove on the bottom of my foot. Shriveled leaves fall from a chrysanthemum by a cold southern exposure. Catnip is strewn about the bed cover; Mr. Stripeypants circles the spot, then dives in for the scent.

The cat is high. The sheets are clean, the bed is made. Easy living.

I pop the top on a Cherry Zero and the tab doesn’t flick. Instead the pressure builds, not an easy landing. I place the aluminum can in the coffee stained sink and grab another. Liz tells me a classmate, Kindra, was eager to get home from her Psychology and Religion class the other night because she was having an Easy-Lift La-Z-Boy rocker recliner delivered.

La-Z-Boy Carlyle Recliner - La-Z-Boy first introduced the recliner in 1928I remember the days. In the early eighties I had a second-hand, floral covered La-Z-Boy rocker in Montana. My butt was glued to the chair. I’d write chicken scratch in my journal or stare out the window or sit by the electric heater, rock, rock, rocking my life away.

These days La-Z-Boys are built right into the structure of corduroy, Scotchgarded, wrap around couches in front of 60 inch Sony flat screens. Simple life.

Simple does not mean easy. 

Monday, February 12th, 2007

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I don’t like the song Easy Like Sunday Morning by Lionel Richie, although the soft rock station I sometimes listen to in my car plays it quite a bit. I have it on my mind right now, in fact, after running to the bank and then to my daughters’ school and now back at work. I wouldn’t choose to buy the song nor the artist, but still, I do crave Easy. I’m a blog assignment behind, just got back from a week away, trying to sell our house, trying to keep it clean in case someone needs to see it on the spot, trying to live a life present in this moment. Would you like Easy, too?

The next time you travel somewhere, whether from the kitchen to the bedroom on foot, or to the post office in your car, or sitting on the train station going home from work, be present. Take your mind off all concerns. Notice the man standing in front of you with dandruff on his shoulder. Notice that your floors are dirty but don’t worry to clean them. Notice the sounds your car makes and how they are muffled inside. At your first opportunity, write. It can be a single haiku, a ten-minute practice, a short poem, a snippet of a memory. Whatever it is, make it Easy. Don’t stress about it. Knock it out as fast as you can or want.

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