Archive for February 1st, 2007

rubbing along rocks
in the center of the sea
calm storms are rising

tack down the mast head
and button up the hatches
high winds roar, unbridled

the sword in the stone
I seek the holy chalice,
have since I was 6

the wind in the trees
snow on the pitched cedar roof
burning piñon pine

bright orange ski jacket
silver gloves in my pocket
hood over my face

an empty Coke can
old yogurt covered raisins
sit on the blonde desk

fruit flavored juju’s
red and yellow, black and white
precious in his sight

crumbs of pineapple
from Hawaiian birthday cake
get ready for ants

I miss the hot sun,
rain on sideswept Rebel tires
awake in the breeze

3 vined flowers bloom
but the ideas in my head
crash through gutter ice

night crawlers sleeping
beneath rigid permafrost
where are they going?

crazy mixed up love
beats a jarring path around
one last steady nerve

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

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